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Date UpdatedApr 24, 2019
Roommates2 (Male and Female)
AvailabilityMar 1, 2019 to Jun 30, 2020
I have hosted Ross medical students for years. There are still a good number of Ross students living in the apartments I offered.

They all go to either Mount Sinai Hospital or Saint Anthony Hospital for their rotations. These apartments are maximum 1.5 miles from these two hospitals.

All the apartments are furnished and in good condition! You just need to bring your luggages, beddings (bed sheets, comforter, pillow). Talk with your roommates about what can be shared in terms of kitchen utensils. Then you will be all set!

Please see my available rooms, locations, photos, rent from this link: -housing/home

to be your host in Chicago!

716 S Claremont Ave Apt. 2
Chicago, IL 60612

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