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Date UpdatedApr 16, 2018
Roommates1 (Female)
AvailabilityMay 12, 2018 to Aug 1, 2018
Hi! This is a one bedroom in a spacious 3 bedroom 1 bath new condo, 5 minutes walking from the Illinois Medical District and located in a safe well lit place, right in front of a park and elementary school.

The house will be mostly empty all of the time, with just one housemate working full time as a researcher at University of Chicago (the other will have moved out). Utilities are included. Laundry is in the unit's basement downstairs. (You don't have to leave the building).

Clean house-no pets, no alcohol, no parties. This is the largest room in the house, and has a separate entrance and exit through the back of the unit. Utilities are included

Furnished. Email for photos or more info.

800 s leavitt Apt. 1f
Chicago, IL 60612

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