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Date UpdatedJun 21, 2018
Roommates1 (Male)
AvailabilityAug 1, 2018 to Aug 26, 2018
Peaceful 1 Bedroom Paradise for your summer with breathtaking views of center city Philadelphia

​Apartment ​Info​
Premier 2116 Chestnut Apartments;
​Furnished ​1 Bedroom with adjoining bathroom and balcony on 33rd floor;
Access to gym, common space, barbecue, hot pool and study area;
Close to Trader Joe's and multiple restaurants in center city;
Details:- Part of a 2 Bed Room, 2 Bath Apartment. Abundance of natural light. I currently live here and renting it out for the summer as I will be in NY. Your room mate will be a young physician who works at Jefferson Healthcare and prefers to keep things clean. I absolutely love this place and pretty confident that you will love it too!

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2116 Chestnut St. Apt. 3310
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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