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Date UpdatedFeb 17, 2019
Roommates1 (Female)
AvailabilityMar 1, 2019 to Aug 31, 2019
I have a 2 bedroom 2 full bathroom house on Murphy Creek golf course in Aurora. The location is within 20 minutes driving distance. to the hospitals in Aurora and Parker. You must have a car. I am renting out the guest bedroom and bathroom at the front of the house. You would be living in the house with me and my very friendly, non barking, super cool dog. We would share the kitchen, living room, driveway and laundry room. I travel for work, so it's possible that you would have the house to yourself for a week or two. I take my dog with me. Safe neighborhood, neighbors and beautiful surroundings. Available nightly rate, $80, Weekly rate $225, monthly rate $850

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23686 E Mississippi Circle
Aurora, CO 80018

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