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Date UpdatedDec 13, 2017
Roommates4 (Male and Female)
AvailabilityJan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018
Need short term housing, but tired of long term commitments?
Here at The Redeye EWR, we offer various weekly/monthly packages!

Our Co-Living environment is fun and our dynamic community allows you to wind down after a long day with friends. We host weekly/monthly events that promote inclusion and relationships.

Private study areas available, all units fully furnished!

All amenities/utilities included!
Laundry – Gym – Theatre Rooms
High-speed internet
Central AC/Heat
High tech security and cameras
Plus much more!

For more info, please fill out our contact form online at:

, Convenience, and Community.
Welcome to our Family

[Please Note: This is a sponsored sublet and may not have been listed by an institution affiliate.]

103 Chilton Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07202

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