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Date UpdatedJun 17, 2017
Roommates2 (Male and Female)
AvailabilityOct 18, 2016 to May 31, 2023
Hi! I'm a current general surgery resident at UPenn and I own a house in Point Breeze (South Philly, about 10 blocks south of Washington Ave). My boyfriend and I are looking to rent out our guest bedroom to help visiting students (I did aways at Penn and remember how hard finding a place was). Our home is BRAND NEW/FLIPPED with 2 FULL bathrooms (you would have your own in the basement if you wanted). Not to brag, but we've done an incredible job with decor and most of our stuff is pretty nice and high end wood. Room is furnished with a full bed with a full-size king's down mattress and cherry wood furniture. Backyard patio with an 6 foot fence too! Note: We have a lab puppy!

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2339 Cross Street
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